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Brewvine: Middlecoast Brewing Company New Additions Making Needed Subtractions

If you’re looking to extend your St. Patrick’s Day celebration or help with a hospital bill for people in need, one brewery in downtown Traverse City has the perfect brew for you.

For this week’s Brewvine, Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to where your next pint could help pay off someone’s medical debt.

One of their fun, new additions is making some much needed subtractions.

Middlecoast is using their seasonal Black is Beautiful chocolate macadamia imperial stout to reduce Michigander’s medical bills.

“This is a fundraiser beer that we do every year,” said general operations manager Deven Larrance. “We brew it every year in February and release it and 100% of the proceeds of this go to a nonprofit called ‘Life After Debt’ and they’re able to leverage a small amount of money into a lot by buying blocks of medical debt so this is a huge way that we can we can help out and our last two batches combined, we were able to leverage $713,000 in medical debt and it stays right here in Michigan.”

After you drink up some medical debt, Middlecoast has a wide variety of handcrafted suds, seltzers and spirits for you to try.

With a little help from their friends at Chateau Chantal, Middlecoast just released their own brand of wine.

“We have a blended semi dry red and our hop fish has become a grape fish, that’s kind of fun and we also have a blended white which is also semi dry,” said Larrance. “We have a lot of fun things going on, we’re just continuing to build our portfolio and hopefully offer more things so that more people can find what they like here.”

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