Roscommon Businesses to Give Employees Paid Week Vacation

Two store owners in Roscommon are treating their employees to a special spring break.

Butcher0Bob’s Butcher Shop and The Butcher’s Wife Market will be closed March 20-27, and will be giving their employees a paid vacation.

The owners of the shops, Bob and Kate Otwell, said they want their employees to enjoy time with their families while they’re gone on vacation.

“It’s really important, especially now, in the past two years for business owners to take a close look at themselves and realize that their relationship with their employees is symbiotic,” said Kate Otwell, owner of The Butcher’s Wife Market. “I can’t operate a business without them, they can’t pay their bills without me, and it’s very important to value them.”

This is the first year they are doing something like this.

The Otwells said their employees are excited for the break.

“We have another employee that is also choosing to go out of state on vacation, because it’s paid and they don’t have to worry,” said Kate. “We have another employee that will be spending time with family. She’s never had a paid vacation her whole time working so she’s excited about it.”