Perry Johnson Visits Traverse City Talks ‘Quality Energy Policy’

"The greatest middle class ever known was right here in Michigan, and we could do that again." Perry Johnson Candidate for Governor

Candidate for governor of the state of Michigan, Perry Johnson, spoke to voters at Grand Traverse Resort and Spa Thursday. He told northern Michigan residents he will bring quality back to the state government.

Johnson announced his running last month with an ad during the Super Bowl. Speaking to voters in northern Michigan he stressed, “quality needs to be restored.”

“I’m going to bring quality to Michigan. I’ll bring quality to schools, I’ll bring quality to the election process, I’m going to bring quality to energy,” Johnson states.

Perry JohnsonJohnson recently announced his Quality Energy Policy which he says will bring quality back to the state. The policy includes dropping the Line 5 lawsuit and building a tunnel around Line 5. He claims Governor Whitmer’s lawsuit and unwillingness to build a tunnel around Line 5 demonstrates that she wants Michiganders to pay more on gas.

A part of his Quality Energy Policy is suspending the state gas tax and ending the sales tax on fuel. Michigan residents pay 27.2 cents per gallon due to Michigan’s gas tax. Johnson cited Governor Whitmer’s plan to veto a bill passed in the legislature aimed at suspending the state’s gas tax. He blasted Governor Whitmer for then asking the federal government to suspend their gas tax.

“We can continue solar, but let’s do everything to make sure we are energy efficient,” Johnson says.

Johnson says he also wants to bring quality elections back. He says quality elections should have a simple process.

“We had 72% [of poll books] not match in Detroit,” Johnson claims.

Johnson recently met with former President Trump in Mar-a-Lago. He says he and President Trump talked about the importance of quality elections. Moderates have shown concern after the 2020 election in which then-President Trump said to Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, “I just want to find 11,780 votes.” Johnson says he simply wants to bring quality elections to Michigan.

“I’m asking for reasonable things to be done so we do have secure elections and we don’t ask all these questions,” Johnson says.

The filing deadline is April 19 and the republican primary is scheduled for August 2. Voters can cast their ballots November 8.

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