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Michigan Internet Gaming Sets Record in February

Michigan commercial and tribal internet casino gaming and sports betting operators are reporting a combined $145.28 million total gross internet gaming receipts and gross sports betting receipts for February.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board says receipts fell 6.8% when compared to January totals.

Officials state Feb. internet gross receipts were a Michigan record $122.78 million, which exceeds the previous record of $121.8 million set in Dec. 2021. Gross sports betting receipts totaled $22.5 million.

Combined, total adjusted gross receipts of $106.61 million were reported for Feb., including $110.56 million from internet casino gaming and a $3.95 million loss for internet sports betting.

Monthly internet gaming adjusted gross receipts were 1.3% higher than in Jan.

Compared with Jan. numbers, total handle at $398.4 million fell 19.8%, according to the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Moreover, operators submitted $22 million in taxes and payments to the State of Michigan during Jan., and includes the following:

  • Internet gaming taxes and fees: $21.6 million
  • Internet sports betting taxes and fees: $360,354

Furthermore, tribal operators reported $2.3 million in payments to governing bodies.

Compared with Feb. 2021 results, monthly internet gaming adjusted gross receipts were up by 47% and internet sports betting adjusted gross receipts rose 63.4%.

For Jan. and Feb., internet gaming adjusted gross receipts totaled $219.7 million, and aggregate internet sports betting adjusted gross sports receipts were $15.2 million.

An online gaming and sports betting revenue distribution table from the Michigan Gaming Control Board can be found .

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