Former Osceola County EMT Says She was Let Go Because of Her Hair Color

Trisha Johnson was an EMT with Osceola County EMS for four years, but she was let go Monday.

She says it’s because of a violation about her hair.

“I was in complete shock. I didn’t see it coming at all, especially to hear that I broke a policy about being professional,” said Trisha Johnson, Former EMT, Osceola EMS. “Every day, I put my uniform on. I strive to take care of my patients and have the best patient care.”

The Director of Osceola EMS told Trisha Johnson she would no longer have a job with the company.

She says there were complaints against her by county board members and says she was “in violation of professional policy.”

“I was informed that I broke or I was in violation of a professional policy that we have through the company, and the complaints were about my hair color,” said Johnson.

The news is taking Johnson by surprise because she was hired four ago with colorful hair, and she hasn’t stopped changing her hair every six weeks.

“It really gives me my personality. It lets me stand out. It gives me confidence. I didn’t have confidence for a long time,” said Johnson.

Johnson says two county commissioners filed the complaints. In a statement, the County Coordinator Tim Ladd said, “Her statements on social media are not factual as it relates to her separation of employment with the county of Osceola.”

Ladd told us he couldn’t specify the reason she was fired.

The two county commissioners who made the complaints wouldn’t comment.

“The board is letting a lot of the people go. It scares me for the community because we were going to hit a point to a critical staff shortages where we’re almost there,” said Johnson.

At this point, for Johnson, it is not about being let go.

“I always tell my children, being who you are, being different doesn’t make you bad or not. Fitting the standard doesn’t make you bad. It just makes you. I’m going to stand up for the people that are different and the people that don’t fit in,” said Johnson.