Biden Calls Putin a War Criminal, Former Pentagon Official Reacts

On Wednesday, President Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal, his most condemning statement so far regarding the Russian leader. 

Dr. Steven Bucci, a former Pentagon official now living in Harbor Springs, says there’s no doubt that’s the case.  

“Frankly, he is,” said Bucci. “He just invaded another country with absolutely no moral justification and, oh by the way, is targeting civilians directly with large military hardware.”

Dr Bucci

Dr. Steven Bucci
Former Pentagon Official

Recently, Russia targeted a theater in the city of Mariupol ,where hundreds of women and children were taking shelter.

“If you saw some of the aerial footage before the attack, the Ukrainians had written in Russian on either side of the building on the parking lot, so that any aircraft that came overhead could read it, and it said “children” in Russian,” said Bucci. 

If the west were to collectively label Putin a war criminal under international law, it could have severe consequences for the Russian leader.

“It means that theoretically he can be arrested if he goes outside of Russia and taken to the Hague and put on trial like some of the Serbian war criminals during the Bosnian War,” said Bucci. “We saw them arrested.” 

Following President Zelenskyy’s address to Congress Wednesday, Bucci continued his praise of the leader, saying their defense of the country so far has been remarkable.