Ludington Lighthouse Receives State Funding for Preservation

Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association (SPLKA) is one of two recipients of grant funding to help in preserving their lighthouses.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced last week that two organizations would receive $100,000 from Michigan Lighthouse Assistance Program from the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office. SPLKA received $40,000 for Big Sable Lighthouse in Ludington while Grand Haven received $60,000 for their South Pier Lights.

SPLKA will use their award to pay for an architect or engineer to complete a historic structures report for the Big Sable Lighthouse. They will match their award with $20,000.

The report is a study of the property and surrounding buildings. It will give a better idea as to where structures were located and what they looked like. Then the surveyor will be help SPLKA create a list of priorities for preservation efforts.

“It certainly will help us in telling of the story,” says SPLKA Executive Director, Peter Manting. “Many grants require that we have the historic structures report in place so that so that the grant finder can see that we’re proceeding as per what the architect and engineer have said are are the goals for preservation. We have been raising funds to do actually to do this ourselves. We actually had raised the funds to do this in our capital campaign. But now this will free up some of those funds so that we can now do the preservation work once we find out how the architect wants that, prioritizes that, for us.”

Manting says it will take three or four months before the report is done. Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association has to submit a proposal for bid to architects and engineers. The bid is submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office for approval.