Long Lake Township Plans To Take Over Twin Lakes Park from Grand Traverse County

Grand Traverse County Commissioners voted on Wednesday to pass a policy that would allow Long Lake Township to take over ownership of Twin Lakes Park.

It’s a vote that left the community frustrated.

“Besides fees and potential lawsuits, it seems reckless to spend money in order to dispose of a multi-million dollar piece of property,” said Long Lake Township resident Kimberly Kramer.

The property disposal policy involves the county paying the township more than $124,000 over 5 years, to take over the park.

One commissioner tried to table the motion, saying the people had not been heard.

“The people who are also impacted by this decision that we are looking at as the board, who are not given that same courtesy, are the Parks and Recreation Department, which voted unanimously not to approve the request for the township just in December,” said Betsy Coffia, Grand Traverse County Commissioner for District 1.

Long Lake Township says the goal is to honor leases and keep equipment already at the park. But the caretaker of Twin Lakes Park, Ian Kramer, is concerned about the future of his job there.

“I’m disappointed I haven’t seen any of you out there—talking about getting rid of my job, talking about my home,” said Kramer. “But you’re the board of commissioners, you should be actively seeking other solutions, other than jumping to getting rid of this park and cutting corners to do it.”

Management will look a little different, but Twin Lakes Park will stay open to the public with the township’s hope for new developments down the road.