Credit Card Payment Option for Department FOIAs Announced

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Wednesday that the Department of the Attorney General will soon accept credit card payments online to fulfill Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

This comes as Sunshine Week continues to promote government transparency.

Officials say the project was initiated by the late Kelly Rossman-McKinney in 2021 after she learned a reporter had to drop off a check in person during the pandemic.

The new payment option is expected to launch by the end of April.

Once live, requestors will receive an invoice that explains payment options, whether by check or online credit card payment, along with a unique ID number specific to their request.

The ID number will then be used to make a payment through the department’s FOIA webpage if the online option is preferred.

The Department of the Attorney General will release additional information once credit card payments can be accepted.

“I find it fitting that one of Kelly’s last accomplishments as our Communications Director is this new payment option for Department FOIAs,” stated Nessel. “She spent her entire career advocating for journalists and government transparency, and this change is all credit to her. It’s my hope the online transactions provide an easier avenue to securing responsive records under FOIA.”