Traverse City Commissioners Looking for Spots to Build More Affordable Housing Downtown

Finding affordable housing has been a long-time issue for many people looking to move to Traverse City.

To help solve this problem, city commissioners are working to find more available property to build low-income housing.

Commissioners are reviewing 31 different properties, either owned by the city or that could be acquired to build upon.

On Monday, a housing consultant led commissioners through the review, outlining spots around downtown with high potential.

“We feel there is an urgency to get this done and so that’s why we have been identifying the properties that might be a good fit for housing around the city—they all have challenges and opportunities,” said Traverse City Commissioner Ashlea Walter.

Some of the best spots for development were rated as: parking lots G and O downtown, along with land on Fourteenth Street, east of Cass Street and on Woodmere Avenue and Eighth Street.

“We’ll probably take some of those properties that are more highly rated and more favorable for developing into affordable housing and work to create an RFP to get some nonprofits and developers to submit proposals to build on those properties,” said Walter.

Commissioners will meet again at 7 p.m. on Monday, March 21.