Eastern U.P. Transportation Authority Receives $3.8 Million for New Facility

The Michigan Department of Transportation has been given $7.39 million for several projects across the state.

$3.8 million will go to the Eastern Upper Peninsula Transportation Authority for a new facility. It will serve as an automotive shop for bussing and passenger vehicles, a garage to hold them, and a repair shop for the ferries used for the surrounding islands like Drummond and Neebish.

Their current building is old and the new one will streamline how the transportation authority serves people in their area.

“Right now we’re in a building that was built in the 60s at some point as a Honda dealership, so it was never really set up as a transit facility,” said Pete Paramski, executive director of EUPTA. “The efficiency of the new building, both logistically and energy efficiently, will be greatly increased.”

EUPTA is expected to break ground on their new facility this spring.