Positive COVID Case Delays Whitmer Kidnapping Plot Trial

The trial for the kidnapping plot of Governor Gretchen Whitmer delayed, due to a COVID case within the courtroom.

Judge Robert Jonker announced Sunday the trial would be delayed for three days due to a positive COVID case with an essential trial participant.

The judge did not name who the person was, or their role, but the trial will reconvene Thursday with no further hang ups.Whitmer Trial Recap Pkg 2 3 14 2200 00 18 02still001

From the beginning, the trial was expected to be a long one, four to six weeks was the estimated length. Jonker hoped to stay efficient and swift, aiming closer to four weeks. Getting it done that quickly will be difficult with a three day delay.

The time off comes at a very interesting part of the trial. Already jurors have seen testimony from FBI special agents that have given a look into the communications between the four defendants during their investigation.

They heard Adam Fox and Barry Croft in audio recordings and social media posts openly call for a new revolutionary war, a need to take down the government and a willingness to use violence to do so.

When the trial resumes the testimony of Special Agent Chris Long will face a cross examination from Croft’s lawyer, Josh Blanchard. Long was assigned specifically to investigate Croft and has testified it was Croft on recordings specifically naming Governor Whitmer as a target for the plot.

After Long will be one of the most anticipated testimonies, an undercover agent known just as ‘Mark’ at this point.

This is one of the agents the defense has pointed to as entrapping their clients into making the plot. According to the defense, so far the recordings have just been talk. They are ramblings of Americans frustrated with the government. This testimony should give much more details of the inner workings.

There has only been one reported COVID case to do with this trial. The federal courthouse in Grand Rapids is like most buildings now without a mask or social distancing mandate. Through the first few days the amount of mask wearing has been minimal.