Local Bakery in Traverse City Collecting Money for Ukraine

There are many ways to give back to Ukraine right now, some as simple as donating to your local bakery.

The Bay Bread Company in Traverse City is collecting money for one organization that is helping to serve the people in Ukraine.

Owner Stacey Wilcox says when the war in Ukraine started, her heart broke and she wanted to find a way to help.

After discovering the World Central Kitchen, she decided to set up a way for others to give back and help out the nonprofit.

“I thought, well we’re food and then I saw that this organization has chefs that are actually there in Ukraine and they’re cooking food and handing them out to people and I thought there we go, that’s how we can help,” said Wilcox.

She says they will take the donations they collect each week and send the money to the World Central Kitchen.

They encourage anyone to come by and donate, no purchases necessary.