Traverse City Fire Department Responds To Fire At Heat Treating Facility

The Traverse City Fire Department responded to calls around 3:15 p.m. of a commercial fire on West Aero Park Court on Saturday.Mvi 2143mp423 38 46 21still001

Century Sun Metal Treating caught fire from the inside, but was swiftly contained.

No employees were harmed.

Traverse City Fire Chief Jim Tuller says the fire began in one of their industrial heat treating ovens.

“The workers on scene here at the plant discovered it right away, called 911 and they took action like they’re supposed to do and they used their dry chemical extinguishers to knock it down and we met with them when they arrived and learned that the fire was contained, so that was a good day,” said Tuller.

Firefighters stuck around for nearly two hours after to wait for the temperature to drop and monitor the scene.