Michigan Attorney General Responds To Investigation Into Northern Michigan Priest

New information was released on Friday, following the investigation into a Northern Michigan priest.C 2021 12 16 Wwtv Attorney Generals Ph Fr Bryan Medlin

Michigan’s Attorney General’s office started investigating Father Bryan Medlin in late 2021.

This comes after the Diocese of Gaylord told them that Medlin had allegedly sent inappropriate messages to high school students.

The Attorney General’s office chose not to charge Medlin, saying his actions do not meet the threshold of criminal conduct.

“He didn’t send images of himself to the kids, they didn’t send images back to him, there were a lot of suggestions that were repugnant—no question, but you know, as much as we searched, there were simply no—it didn’t fit into the confines of any particular criminal statute,” said Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel.

She says she is thankful for the cooperation of the Diocese in this investigation.

“Make no mistake about it, this is somebody who we ought to be very careful about and certainly make sure they are never in a position of authority again,” said Nessel.

The Diocese says Medlin will remain on leave as they conduct an internal review.