Hagerty Joins New Partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment

One of northern Michigan’s largest employers is joining the esports and video game world.

Hagerty, the global automotive enthusiast company headquartered in Traverse City, has a new partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment.

It means they’re bringing the “Hagerty Collection” of classic cars to their flagship game “Gran Turismo 7.”

Players will be able to unlock these classics in the new version of the game and acquire them as the game progresses.

“We  love the global aspect of it. And also, contrary to a lot of peoples’ beliefs, this is not all just kids playing. Adults play these games, the games are fun. There are a lot of people 20, 40, 50 years old playing the game,” said CEO McKeel Hagerty.

The Gran Turismo franchise turns 25-years-old this year and has sold more than 85 million copies worldwide since its release. Which makes it the highest selling franchise under the Sony PlayStation brand.

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