Former Pentagon Official Comments on Ongoing Invasion of Ukraine

Doctor Steven Bucci, a former top Pentagon official now living in Harbor Springs, has some thoughts on how the war in Ukraine is going.

According to Bucci, the Ukrainians have shown incredible resistance in the face of Russia’s invasion, but still have a long and rough road ahead.

“A lot of people when faced with an invasion of this magnitude, they just pack up and run and the Ukrainians said, not ‘no’, but heck ‘no’.” said Bucci.


Dr. Steven Bucci, Former Top Pentagon Official

As Russian forces continue to push into the capitol of Ukraine, it’s proven to be more difficult than many experts predicted. Russia has already taken some hefty losses.

“They’ve already lost almost four times as many men in a couple of weeks as America lost in the 20 years that we were fighting in Afghanistan,” said Bucci.

Bucci believes the strength of Russia’s army has been overestimated, and they’re not as powerful as they seemed.

“As it turns out they’re not,” said Bucci. “Their military is still very much a conscript army, draftees, they’re not very well trained and their level of discipline is pretty sketchy.”

However, Russia’s military is still stronger. On Friday for the first time, they attacked Ukraine’s fourth largest city, Dnipro, killing at least one person.

This week, the Russians also struck a children’s hospital in the city of Mariupol.

“It was still shelled and rocketed,” Bucci said. “There’s obvious pictures of women about to give birth being taken out of the hospital wounded by these things. That’s a horrific crime. The Russians need to pay a price for that.”

While they’ve already sustained heavy damage across the country, Bucci gives a lot of credit to the Ukrainians for holding off the Russians as best they can.

“Their president Mr. Zelensky stood firm, basically is a hero right now around the world for freedom and a model for what national leaders should be in the midst of a crisis,” he said.

Russia and Ukraine have been in talks to find a solution to the ongoing invasion, but so far, there hasn’t been much progress towards reaching peace.