Fire Departments Encourage Changing Smoke Alarm Batteries During Daylight Saving Time

Dst Reminder Sot5 031100 00 22 05still002Clocks will spring forward one hour for the beginning of Daylight Saving Time, and local fire departments are asking you to check your smoke alarms too.

Gerrish Township Fire/EMS Chief Jim Fisher said they recommend changing the batteries in the alarm every six months, which falls around Daylight Saving Time.

Fisher also recommends double checking other home safety equipment like fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide alarms.

He says checking to make sure your smoke alarms are working can cut your family’s risk of dying in a fire in half.

“Most smoke detectors have a battery in there that’s going to expire,” said Fischer. “The newer ones will last up to 10 years with an internal battery, but the old ones have 9 volt batteries that expire.”Dst Reminder Sot5 031100 00 16 25still001

Fisher says you can check with your local fire department to see if they can bring and install smoke detectors in your home.