Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office K9 Ghost Passes Away

The Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office is mourning the loss of the K9 Ghost.

According to a post on the Roscommon County Sheriff Facebook page, Ghost died last night from a medical issue.

Ghost was praised last year on Mar. 2 for tracking two runaway suspects. The suspects drove to a small neighborhood surrounded by woods in Lake Township and then started running. Ghost had tracked one suspect hiding in a clump of tress.

Ghost then tracked the second suspect down Pinecrest Road, a yard, the frozen Muskegon River, down a snowmobile trail, and then through several more residential yards before finding him in a garage.

On Jan. 25, Ghost had also rescued a man who got lost in the woods in Roscommon County.

Ghost found the 58-year-old man in a densely wooded area during frigid temperatures. Several hours had passed since the man, who deputies believed was likely cognitively impaired, had not returned from his walk in temperatures that were around 11 degrees. Ghost tracked the man for about a half-mile before finding him.

“As the Sheriff’s Office mourns this loss, it is with a heavy heart that we bring news of the passing of K9 Ghost,” stated the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office Thursday. “Ghost passed away unexpectedly overnight from a medical issue. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with Deputy Darsow and his family as they will be most affected by this sudden loss.”