MSP Recognize 16-Year-Old for Help in Stopping Catalytic Converter Crime Spree

Michigan State Police recognized quick action taken by a Wexford County teenager who they credit with stopping a crime spree.

Preston Breitmeyer was sitting in his living room when he heard a noise outside. He got up, looked out the window, and saw three suspicious people in the driveway.

“I saw someone cutting something from underneath my vehicle. Another guy walking around the vehicle, and then someone driving the vehicle back and forth like a getaway car,” said Breitmeyer.

Breitmeyer then locked the doors, went into his garage, and called 911.

“I didn’t feel scared until after it was all done, and then in that situation, I felt more like I needed to do something,” said Breitmeyer.

“He gave some real detailed description of what he was seeing, what the suspects looked like, what the car looked like,” said F/Lt. Travis House Cadillac Post, Michigan State Police. “Because of that description, the trooper who was in the area was able to locate those suspects quickly, stopped the car, and that stopped led to the arrest of three individuals for stealing catalytic converters.”

Three suspects were connected to several catalytic converter thefts in northwest Michigan.

“We’re happy to hopefully bring some cases to a close and, you know, bring justice to the situation as best we can,” said F/Lt. House. “It’s important to note that we don’t act alone. We have to have the support of our community in order to be effective in these kinds of situations.”

Michigan State Police showed their appreciation for the quick action of the 16-year-old, awarding Breitmeyer with a letter of commendation and challenge coin.

“I sometimes present those coins to members of my own department and fairly rare to citizens. But in this case, he did such a great job considering his situation that we thought it was important to give him a little bit of extra recognition,” said F/Lt. House.

“I don’t feel like I deserve it. I feel like the police deserve the praise more than I do. I’m just glad that they were able to get there,” said Breitmeyer.