Local Elementary School Reads Same Book In Honor Of March’s Reading Month

Students in grades K-12 at five different Mount Pleasant elementary schools are all on the same journey, reading the same book for the entire month of March. It’s in honor of National Reading Month.

“We’re all reading it together,” said Erin King, principal at Mary McGuire Elementary School. “Whether it’s a developmental kindergarten student, all the way up to 5th grade.”

King said reading is the gateway to anything a student wants to achieve in life. The program they’re participating in for the entire month is called, “One District, One Book.” It’s apart of a national program that aims are getting students engaged and involved in reading.

“Every child in the building has a copy of the book, every adult in the building has a book… our custodians, our lunch ladies,” said Maggie Binder, a teacher at Mary McGuire. “Everyone in the building has a copy and we’re all reading the same pages at the same time.”

This year’s book is called, “Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library.” Students at McGuire said they love the book so far. Other schools participating in the program are: Pullen Elementary, Vowles Elementary, Ganiard Elementary, and Fancher Elementary.  

“Our passion, and our joy, and our excitement for what we do draws kids in,” said King. “That’s part of the reason we wanted to do this. We wanted to make sure that it’s something big, like a big gesture that we’re trying to reach out to families and partner with them, because we’re all in this village together.” 

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