Local Brewery Struggling to House Summer Employees

"We're looking hard and we're trying to find any spot we can for those potential employees" -- Rick Schmitt Stormcloud Brewing Co-Owner

StormcloudWith tourist season approaching, business owners are beginning to worry if they’ll be able to keep up with the demand.

Businesses in northern Michigan have especially felt the pressure of the labor shortage and lack of affordable housing as their busy season draws nearer.

Rick Schmitt at Stormcloud Brewing says he’s currently searching for employees for the summer months.

Stormcloud Brewery doubles their number of employees during the summer time.

“Finding housing for those seasonal workers is becoming increasingly a struggle,” said Schmitt. “If you don’t have enough staff, potentially you have to close a day or two, or three a week. And when you make the bulk of your revenue during the summer months that’s a hard decision to make.”

According to Schmitt, he’s working hard to finalize their summer staffing needs. However, even if they found employees, Schmitt says the challenge lies in finding a place for staff to live.

“We’re seeking alternative options. We’re looking for generous citizens that could maybe help with renting a roomBrewvine: Stormcloud Brewing Company for the summer or even renting us their RV,” Schmitt says.

While employers struggle to find employees, employees are struggling to find housing. Schmitt says all business owners are dealing with the same issue.

“We live in such a beautiful place that people want to visit and they come and so we’ve got to figure this out,” Schmitt said. “It’s a solution that will come from private industry, it will come from local municipalities and it will come from the community, but we have to do something. We have to address this issue.”