Rising Gas Prices Cause for Concern for Otsego County Road Commission

A rise in cost for gas is a cause for concern for the Otsego County Road Commission.

The commission has 22 trucks that use about 70 gallons of diesel fuel every day they clear snow off the roads, which adds up to approximately 1,500 gallons per day.

Despite not using as much fuel during the summer months, if gas prices continue going up the way they are, Managing Director Kirk Harrier says they might have to make some tough choices next winter.

“Thankfully we’re towards the end of the winter right now but if it continues into next season we’ll have to evaluate and determine what roads get plowed and maybe what roads don’t get plowed,” said Harrier. “If the money’s not there, we can’t spend it.”

The commission is still in preliminary evaluation, but they will evaluate their costs and how to move forward at a later date.