Suspect Who Flashed Gun at TC West Found

Grand Traverse County Sheriff Deputies have located a driver who pointed a gun at another driver outside Traverse City West Senior High School last week.

Tc WestDeputies say the incident occurred outside the school on Feb. 28.

They say the gun pointed at the other driver was a CO2 BB Gun Pistol.

Additionally, they say the suspect is a 19-year-old male who is not a student at TC West. Deputies believe the 19-year-old was dropping a student off at the time of the incident.

TC West provided deputies with surveillance video. They had been searching for a 1990s black Honda Civic, and upon further investigation, deputies were able to see “identifiable markings” on the car.

They say the suspect drove past a deputy who looked in the rear view mirror and noticed the stickers. The deputy also noticed as the make and model of the vehicle, which matched the surveillance video.

After pulling the driver over, the suspect admitted to the incident. A box for a CO2 BB Gun Pistol was also found inside the car.

Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Captain Randy Fewless praised the deputy for looking closer at surveillance video and keeping the details in mind days later.

“To be driving down the road and spot the vehicle and look in his rear view mirror and see the identifiers on the vehicle is really good police work by him. [He] ended up helping us solve this and determine who was involved in it,” Captain Fewless said.

Deputies say the victim is a 41-year-old male from Traverse City. They say the 41-year-old is still deciding on if he wants to press charges.

Captain Fewless is reminding students and parents that school’s are a gun-free zone. Even BB guns are not allowed on school property.

Additionally, he advises parents to keep in mind who they may be dealing with. “I mean you never know who you’re going to come in contact with in this day and age that we live,” Captain Fewless said.

The Sheriff’s Office will send their report to the prosecutor to see if any other charges should be pursued.

If charged, the suspect would face a misdemeanor for assault and battery.