Cadillac City Council Stance on Snowmobile Routes to Downtown Cadillac

Local business leaders are pushing for more winter tourism in northern Michigan.

Specifically, they’re calling to add snowmobile traffic to downtown Cadillac.

“The city quite a while ago used to allow for snowmobiles to be ridden around town. There’s sort of myth as to how and why that stopped, but it did stop,” said Marcus Peccia, Cadillac City Manager.

Now, some businesses owners are asking the City of Cadillac to bring back snowmobile routes to the downtown area.

“The biggest thing is snowmobilers come to town, and they spend money, and as businesses, we’re looking for anything we can do to get some relief from the past couple of years of struggling,” said Jason Towers, Owner pf Primos BBQ, and Willow Market and Meats. “So be a good way to have more money coming into town.”

The Community Development Department created potential routes while keeping certain goals in mind.

These goals include: limiting conflict between snowmobiles and walkers, and between snowmobiles and vehicles.

They also tried to keep snowmobile routes from residential areas as far away as possible.

“The plans I thought took into consideration as best as possible how to how to get access from, the west end of town to the east end of town and to do so in a way to minimize the amount of traffic in the sense as best as possible in front of residential dwellings,” said Peccia. “You know, that being said, there is no perfect solution.”

The Cadillac City Council took no action on the potential snowmobile routes.

“Basically, what that means at this time is that the initiative is basically on hold. It’s now not moving forward unless City Council wishes to bring it back up, which certainly they absolutely have the right to do,” said Peccia.

Businesses that want these routes plan to bring them back in front of the city council.

“I just think that we need to get organized a little more and get a true representation of what the residents think,” said Towers. Then just bearing in mind anything we do in town to try to make money, we’re going to have to manage it.”