Bellaire Schools Art Teacher Receives Community Support After Broken Pipe Floods Classroom

Last week as Bellaire Art Teacher Willa Graham was at home, a pipe burst above her classroom, damaging most of her supplies and projects.

“I got a phone call about half an hour, 45 minutes later, and they said ‘a pipe burst above your classroom’,” said Graham. “‘I think your supply table is going to get wet. Is there anything I should take off of it’ and I said ‘everything. Oh no’.”

While most of the items can be replaced, some of the past projects from Graham and her students were destroyed, something she can’t get back.

“I actually thought I was living in a horror movie that I couldn’t press stop or pause on, just watching it happening before your eyes saying ‘this is not happening’ What am I to do? there’s nothing I could do,” Graham said.

Willa Graham

Willa Graham
Bellaire Schools Art Teacher

Graham is working to get the materials she need and she’s not on her own. “I had someone donate stuff from Texas, somebody from North Carolina, so I really appreciate their thought and their kindness to be able to reach out to us,” she said.

Also pitching in is Ellsworth Schools art teacher Kurt Zimmerle, who had her come by and pick out what she needed.

“All art programs need help and so I’m grateful that she’s getting all the help that she can get, because sometimes we’re the quiet side heroes in the art world teaching the kids all different art and mediums,” said Zimmerle.

“When he called me and offered it was just a blessing and it was really a relief to know that he was willing to reach out and say ‘hey I totally understand what you’re going through,” said Graham.

For now, Mrs. Graham and her students have been moved to a different classroom in the building, and are hoping to get her regular classroom back into shape after spring break.

Anyone looking to help out or donate is encouraged to contact Bellaire Public Schools.