Traverse City Voters Will Vote on if a Building Exceeding 60 Feet is Allowed

Traverse City voters will decide on a tall building issue in this Nov.’s election.

The City Commission voted Monday night to put the measure on the ballot.

Additionally, they voted to let voters decide if a proposed building higher than 60 feet should be allowed downtown.

A developer wants to build a building on Hall Street that exceeds what the city charter allows. But now voters need to give it the okay.

“A judicial ruling that not only places the city in conflict with our implementation of a policy of how to interpret 60 feet as that process goes but, as well as Innovo, requesting this to be on the ballot so they can ask the voters of the people and courts to the city charter to go ahead and proceed forward with their proposal,” said Marty Colburn, City Manager of Traverse City.

The City Clerk named this item “City Proposal One” on the Nov. 2022 ballot.