Huron Pines Receives $61,000 to Combat Invasive Species

Michigan has awarded $3.6 million to 31 projects across the state for combatting invasive species.

In northern Michigan, conservation group Huron Pines received $60,000 for just that.

Huron Pines plans on increasing community engagement and conducting surveys of their coverage areas in the hopes to stop the spread of those species.

One of the most important parts of the battle is getting started as soon as an invasive species is discovered before they can spread further.

“That early detection of invasive species is really important and so if we can find species that are coming into the area early on, we’re much better equipped to handle that,” said Lisha Ramsdell, associate director of Huron Pines.

Huron Pines is responsible for looking after 4.5 million acres across 12 counties in northern Michigan.