People Pack Rare Bird Brewpub on Sunday in Support of Ukraine

“I just started thinking what can I do and something I can do is bring people together” - Marta Turnbull

Russia’s invasion into Ukraine hit very close to home for friends Marta Turnbull and Tina Schuett.Img 1681

“I’d just moved back a couple of years ago from there and I have lots of friends and family who immediately started being displaced and evacuated and arming themselves and I just started to feel so helpless,” said Schuett.

Turnbull used to live and work in Ukraine.

She compared the city of Kyiv to Detroit.

Schuett, the owner of Rare Bird Brewpub, visited her friend in Ukraine, falling in love with the country and it’s culture.

“There’s a couple people that I stay in contact with, one of the artists who is here today, she gave me a tattoo while I was there, so feel especially tied to that one,” said Schuett.

The turnout for Sunday’s fundraiser at Rare Bird was just what they had hoped for—the entire restaurant being a full house in support of Ukraine.

People could sample Ukraine’s most popular dish, borscht, while browing Ukranian jewelry, crafts and artwork.

Img 1684“Honestly, we kind of threw the idea out there and then people just showed up and volunteered their time, their borscht, their bread, their tents, their tables,” said Schuett. “There was a lot of orchestrating on the back end, but really, it was like the whole community coming together and making it a lot easier on us.”

Especially in a city with a large Ukranian community, everyone seems to come together without hesititation.

“So many people care about what is happening in Ukraine right now and they feel helpless and this is their outlet to get involved, to give money and more so, is to stay in touch with us,” said Turnbull.

If you couldn’t make it out on Sunday and would still like to donate, you can do so through the link on Rare Bird’s facebook page.