Traverse City Friends Hosting Fundraiser This Weekend In Support of Ukraine

Two women from Traverse City, who spend some time in Ukraine, are hosting a fundraiser this weekend. The two felt the need to help as the Russian invasion intensified.

“I was really inspired by my friends over there,” said Marta Turnbull, an activist who spent time working in Ukraine. “There’s artists who are exchanging art for the military, I have friends in IT that are doing cyber-hacking, so this felt like a way that could play on my skill-set.”

Turnbull said Kiev is a cool city. She compared it to Chicago or Detroit.

“You can go to an amazing cocktail bar, and get a great ethnic restaurant, it’s gritty and dirty sometimes, but you feel these are hardy, proud people,” she said.

Tina Schuett, owner of Rare Bird in Traverse City, visited Turnbull while overseas. They both agreed that the history and friends they made there are what inspired them to lend a helping hand to the people and country they love.

“It’s terrifying,” said Schuett. “I’m messaging friends over there everyday, checking in on them, they can hear the bombing going off constantly.”

The fundraiser will take place Sunday, March 6. It will feature Ukraine’s most popular dish, borscht and bread. Money from the event will go towards helping the Ukraine military, an organization similar to St. Jude, and refugees.

“I’m talking daily with all of my friends over there, and I couldn’t believe how meaningful it is to them; to hear stories of people just checking in with them, reposting their stories, sending their love, knowing that they’re raising money,” said Turnbull.

To attend the event and for more information, visit Rare Bird in Traverse City or visit the event page on Facebook, “Borscht & Bread – A Community Fundraiser for Ukraine.”

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