Northern Michigan Ski Resorts Not Done Yet as Spring Approaches

Spring might be just around the corner but ski resorts say they still have a lot more snow and skiing left in the season.

The sunnier weather and warmer temperatures aren’t slowing skiers and snowboarders down from jutting the slopes.

Seeing a large number of people on the slopes isn’t uncommon for this time of year, and this year’s cold temperatures have actually helped ski resorts.

“The demand has been huge. It’s been great to see,” said Caberfae Peaks ski manager Pete Meyer. ” I always think March is one of the best times to ski because not only do you have some nicer weather but you have all the snow on the hills.

“We haven’t had a lot of warmups or rain so the little bit of natural snow we have had had stuck around and has stayed and it’s created some really good snow conditions for the skiers and snowboarders.”

Caberfae Peaks says all those people who tried new outdoor activities during the COVID-19 pandemic are coming back this year, too, and they have just enough snow to keep the season going for a few more weeks.

“It’s been great to see just lots of interest all the people that got into the sport last winter have continued to ski and snowboard this winter,” Meyer said. “We have a 5- to 6-foot base still on the hill so we can ski deep into March or possibly in April.”