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LARA Finds Violations at Central Day Care Center

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Central Day Care Center is under fire after the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) found several .

Central Day Care Center was under a three month-long investigation by the state from Nov. 2021 to Jan.

During that time, LARA found several violations, including clapping in kids faces to keep them awake, violating a Michigan law on time-outs and taking away meals.

A former employee who spoke anonymously says she made the state aware of the violations.

She says she brought the issues to the attention of the program director, and says she was told multiple times that she was, “stirring the pot.”

“We had plenty of meetings about it and with other staff and they just never changed anything,” the woman said.

LARA found a total of 5 violations at the Center, including one violation where a teacher sat a child down forcefully.

Other violations include staff saying they saw an employee sit, slam or push toddlers down in a rough manner.

Moreover, LARA found violations that day care officials took away or refused meals for toddlers who didn’t listen or wash their hands.

“A lot of slamming kids down, I’ve seen kids be told that they couldn’t eat their lunch because they wanted to get up and wash their hands,” the woman said.

In response, Central Day Care Center sent out a to parents saying, “Since this point we have made all the required changes needed to correct anything that was found during the investigation… The children and families are still our number one priority.”

The woman who brought the violations to the attention of LARA says she didn’t do it out of spite or pettiness.

“As my job, I am supposed to say something to licensing if I see something wrong. And I felt the need to do my job and I did my job, what happened next was not up to me,” the woman explains.

The woman says she was shocked to see they found even more violations than she initially said, and states she’s glad employees were open about what they saw.

“I just hope things change,” she said. “That’s all I can ask is that things change for the better. And I hope whatever changes that needed to be done are done, and that doesn’t just get brushed under the rug.”

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