Brewvine: Sunny Suds at Stormcloud Brewing Company

Winters in northern Michigan can get a little dark and gloomy but Stormcloud Brewing Company in Frankfort is bringing some sun and fun to their customers.

Whitney Amann and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson take us to Stormcloud where some sunny suds are in the forecast.

“We’re excited to announce our limited time offer for this summer, it’s a summer ale we’re calling it Sun Runner, it’ll come out in mid-march, it’s an ale that pairs well with anything in the picnic basket and barbecue, it’s got a lower ABV so it’s just a good summer sipping beer and it’s brand new for us and we’re excited to get it out,” said co-owner Rick Schmitt.

Stormcloud Brewing Company will soon be releasing a new summer ale that will have you anticipating warmer weather, trips to the beach and summer cookouts.

The Sun Runner is a great new addition to their tap lineup and will be available beyond the bar as well.

“It’s got a little hint of orange in it, maybe a little apricot, it’s got kveik yeast in it and so it’s a very distinct flavor I think everybody’s going to enjoy it very much,” said Schmitt. “We’re excited to not only have it in the pub and the taproom when it opens this summer but it’s also going to be on the shelves and in six packs so it’s a new offer for Stormcloud, we’ve been working on it for years and we’re just excited to get it going.”

Summer may still be a few months away but Stormcloud has plenty of great events to help you pass the time like combining suds and cinema with their seventh annual “Dark and Stormcloudy Film Series.”

A fun way to stay connected to the community, enjoy a great movie, try some new beers, and enjoy the colder months before the hustle and bustle of summer returns.

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