Artist Profile: Tyler’s Art Creations

“People get to see my emotions on something like a painting.”

This is 21 year old Tyler Peer– creator of Tyler’s Art Creations.

“I was inspired to start Tyler’s Art Creations because my uncle was willing to help me with it. People get to see my emotions on something like a painting,” says Tyler.

His uncle Scott helped him make his love for art a reality.

Scott says, “He came to me one day with some questions because I do painting. I paint houses and do my own little artwork thing going on and just wanted a little advice on how to get started. Added it to my page and got his stuff all set up for him.”

TylerI asked Tyler, “‘Does paint kinda give you a different kind of freedom?’ Yes it does. You can make your own colors with paint. The reason why I use bright colors is because I want it to draw someone’s eyes to it.”

Tyler was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at birth.

He says, “I’ve been fighting that my whole entire life. I had a bunch of ups and downs with it.”

It’s is a genetic disease that causes weakness in the muscles and progresses over time.

“I ended up in a wheelchair because of it. And at first I was mad about it but I realized, things happen like that. It’s the matter of coping with it.”

Scott tells us, “A lot of people get discouraged when they have some kind of a medical issue or something and feel like they can’t do something, but he’s evidence that you can.

“At least this is a disease that taught me something. That I can do anything that I put my mind to.”

When it comes to his artwork, Tyler isn’t too worried about being perfect.

Tyler explains, “I just don’t worry about the mistakes when I’m doing my artwork. I just do it. I’m not trying to make things look perfect. Because I’m not perfect with what I do with the artwork. I’m just now getting better at it.”

He loves to incorporate color and his love for god in his creations. Tyler 2

“My favorite piece would be this one right here. Because it got my favorite scripture in it. Psalms 91 that I enjoy reading.”

Each purchase made goes towards art supplies for Tyler and a portion is donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. But Tyler knows his art means so much more…

Tyler says, “It can also give it as a gift to someone that might need some happiness in their life and may be going through a rough time.”

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