New Study Shows Possible Effects of a Line 5 Shutdown

A new study is shedding more light on what may happen if Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline were to be shut down.

The study was done by an independent third party commissioned by Consumer Energy Alliance. It said, in the event of a shutdown, Michigan residents would see an increase of over $2 billion for transportation fuels.

According to the study, switching to a railway and trucking system would increase costs around the state, something that environmental groups have denied. They fear a leak going into the Straits of Mackinac but Enbridge has repeatedly said the pipeline is safe.

State Representative in Marquette Sara Cambensy spoke during a conference call on Thursday about the findings and expressed the need to keep Line 5.

“One thing that I really found when I was looking at what are the alternatives is the opposition doesn’t have a plan,” said Cambensy. “They have a lot of ideas, they have a lot of plans of ways they think they can do it but there’s a lot of gaps.”

Cambensy added the unstable situation in Ukraine only adds to the need for a reliable and efficient pipeline.