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Neighbors Upset Over Peninsula Township Subdivision

Peninsula Shores

Peninsula Shores is a new subdivision currently under construction in Peninsula Township.

The subdivision will see over 40 homes added to land along the East Bay shoreline.

The new housing development near the corner of Boursaw and Bluff Road began in 2015. It was approved by Township Officials in 2017.

Neighbors have been upset with the developer of the project ever since. They say the developer bullied neighbors and township officials into creating the new development.

Developer Kyle O’Grady refutes their accusations of bullying, insisting that everything was done legally with proper authorization.

Neighbors are upset that the land they lived next to, once full of trees, has now been leveled out.

O’Grady says he’s empathetic to the people and understands that people tend to not like change.

One neighbor, Craig Haddox, wrote an upset with a house moving from one end of the subdivision to the other.

The house would neighbor his, and Haddox says it would break the Planned Unit Development (PUD) agreement made in 2017.

However, O’Grady claims everything has been done legally with the proper zoning.

Officials will vote on whether or not to approve the construction of the house at their next planning commission March 21.



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