Hook & Hunting: DNR 2022-2023 Licenses Available

All DNR hunting and fishing licenses for the 20222023 season are available for purchase starting March 1.

Hnh Licenses Vo6 03030Licenses from the 20212022 season expire on March 31, and new licenses take effect on April 1.

“I always air on getting it earlier as opposed to later just so I know I have it,” said Michigan DNR Law Enforcement Division Lt. Joe Molnar. “It’s a habit of mine to get it first thing when they do come out, and when I start going out fishing, whether it be during trout season or I get out in the water for some walleye, I don’t have to second guess myself, I’ve already purchased it.”

Other licenses that are affected by the March 31 expiration date are ORV and trail permits, as well as marine registration for your boats, taken care of by the Secretary of State.

“You can buy them at any place you would buy a normal hunting and fishing license, or if you go to the DNR’s website you can purchase them online,” said Lt. Molnar.

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