Demolition Begins for Cadillac Junior High School

This may be your last chance to catch a glimpse of Cadillac Junior High School before it’s gone forever.

Demolition of the Cadillac Junior High School has started in preparation for a new updated school that will be built in its place. The project is scheduled to be completed in roughly the next three years.

Plans call for the two-story academic wing to be demolished. Demolition crews say it will take several weeks to remove the building.

Though the building was built in the late 1950s it had many problems including hazardous materials and needed to be replaced.

“We had a lot of infrastructure issues. Heating, mechanical, electrical, plumbing issues in there. We did a study on it. It was smarter for us to demolish it and start new than it was to fix what we had,” Owen Malson, facility director at Cadillac Area Public Schools, said.

The new building will have state of the art security, lighting controls and heating and cooling. It is expected to have more of a college campus feel than a junior high school feel.