Petoskey-Harbor Springs Community Foundation Gives Three Grants to Protect Local Bodies of Water

Three grants have been awarded by the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Community Foundation to help protect local bodies of water.

The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council received $22,500 to identify ways to manage stormwater runoff.

It’s an issue that locals have decided needs to be addressed, and the grant money will be used as a first step for finding solutions.

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Policy Specialist Kacey Cook said storm water runoff can have negative effects on the environment.

Additionally, Cook notes that using something like a rain garden could help prevent these issues.

“The goal with stormwater management is to catch rain water that’s running off of hard surfaces and collecting things like oil from our cars, fertilizers and other pollutants and catching it and having it be absorbed and filtered before it reaches Little Traverse Bay,” stated Cook.

Melrose Township received $14,750 and will be installing rain garden of their own.

The Walloon Lake Association and Conservancy received $20,000 to combat invasive species.