Gov. Whitmer Signs Directive to Speed Up Fixing and Filling of Potholes

Between winter and spring, we have pothole season here in Michigan, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer is trying to speed up the fix.

Governor Whitmer signed an executive directive Wednesday morning, pushing MDOT to do whatever is necessary to expedite the fixing and filling of potholes.

This includes extra overtime or contracting work out.

This time of year is especially bad for the roads as snow and ice melt during the day, and then freeze again at night, cracking roads.

The work being done now will be temporary, with more work to come.

“It’s always a temporary measure this time of year, potholes are often wet, dirty, we’re throwing cold patch into them to patch temporarily,” said James Lake, an MDOT Spokesman. “But to make a lasting fix, we need to wait for those warmer months so this is a priority for safety now.”

The directive also includes mandates to push state money to local and county road crews in a timely manner.