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Ferris State University Adding Two More Bachelor Degree Programs Starting in Fall 2022

Starting in Fall 2022, Ferris State University will be adding two more bachelor of science degree programs, one in economics and another in eSports production.

“I think it’s pretty good for giving more options to incoming students,” said Jared Ricks, a student at FSU. “It might improve enrollment.“

The eSports market continues to grow, with careers in things like event production, user experience design, video production, and much more.

“I think that it shows that it’s progressive because there’s a growing market,” said Maeli Cardiff, a student at FSU. “Not a lot of people thought you could make money playing video games and now you have this new expanding field.”

FSU Provost, Robert P. Fleischman said the new eSports program is “cutting edge.”

“It’s the only program in the State of Michigan, it’s totally an online program, and gives us an opportunity to offer the program throughout the entire State of Michigan and beyond,” he said.

Students we spoke to said they hope these new programs draw in eve more students.

“My only concern is that there’s not a lot of people, so I think it’s also a way for them to get more students willing to come here,” said Cordelia Foxelster, a student at FSU.

FSU said both degrees are growing markets where students continue to show interest. The next step is submitting both programs for review with the Michigan Association of State Universities, which gives them an opportunity to weigh in and provide any comments. There will also be a Board of Trustees meeting on May 6th. After that, the recruitment process begins.

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