Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance Reflecting on 2021 Accomplishments

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance released their 2021 annual report, recognizing their accomplishments over the last year.

Eight bills they helped draft on affordable childcare passed the House and now are on to the Senate.

The Alliance successfully advocated a local approach to COVID-19 restrictions and more attainable housing.

They also started working with the new State Office of High-Speed Internet to get max funding to northern Michigan.

“Our residents and our workforce are worth it, and so are the businesses that keep our economy strong,” said Caitlyn Berard, President of Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce. “By supporting the reduction of barriers that are keeping our workforce being active again just makes our businesses in the area that keep our economy strong, stronger and allow them the ability to grow moving forward.”

The Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance represents 16 chambers, economic development organizations and more than 7,000 businesses.