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Northern Michigan Bakeries Busy on Fat Tuesday

With today being Fat Tuesday, bakeries across northern Michigan have been busy getting prepared.

Cops and Doughnuts in Clare says it’s the busiest day of the year for them.

Every Fat Tuesday, they sell more and more paczkis, topping the previous year.

For this Fat Tuesday, they made 46,000 paczkis.

“We actually start early, early Monday morning in preparing these things and getting them going,” said Allen White of Cops and Doughnuts. “Then it’s a real ballet in here to stay out of everybody’s way, and everybody’s moving fast, but great team all came together, very successful day.”

In case you’re wondering, 46,000 paczkis comes out to about 23,000 pounds.

You’ll have to do the math if you want to know how many calories that is.

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