Michigan Attorney, Robert Steadman, Writes Book ‘I Killed Sam’ Shedding Light on Difficulty Women Face in Getting a Fair Trial

“The results in the book and the trial, I think speak for themselves.”
Robert Steadman spent over 70 years as an attorney and now is a first time author of the book, ‘I Killed Sam.’
Based on a real case he had back in 1957.
“It was a brutal, brutal case.”
At just 28, Steadman landed one of the most controversial trials of the time. Screen Shot 2022 03 01 At 51324 Pm
Now at 93, he still remembers the details of the case.
“This poor, abused woman had taken it for so long, and finally with all the threats, walked into the bedroom, took out the shotgun that her husband had used for years to threaten her, and killed him as he lay sleeping in the bed.”
The book— a compelling thriller based on true events,
Real emotion that Steadman had faced.
“I had no idea what to do.”
And realizing that he had gotten attached to this case…
“What was the hardest part about writing this book? I got involved in the memories. It was tough. The ‘I Killed Sam’ title comes from the actual words that she said to me when she told me that she had killed her husband.”
A cruel tale of torture a woman endured–
A victim of her husband.
“In those days, the law in Michigan was ugly.”
And the question of–
Why didn’t she just leave?
Screen Shot 2022 03 01 At 51038 Pm“She knew if she left, he would follow, and he would kill her. She was scared for her child.”
Set in a time when men were allowed and were even accepted, to abuse and rape their wives.
“That was what the wife was. Was the child bearer, the housekeeper, in the sexual object. Michigan went 30 years from then up until 1989 before it changed the rules on that.”
This novel not only highlights a single tragic occurrence in 1957,
But one of many, where women don’t have a voice or can declare self defense when shielding herself from danger.
“Some of the incidents that are in there that are so cruel that it’s hard to write about them. But my god they happen day after day, here and there, all over the world. That’s the painful thing about it.”
Decades before two simple words — me too — became the mantra for victims of sexual abuse.
“Domestic violence is so prevalent that almost every woman in America has either suffered from it or knows someone close, or has someone in the family who has.”
Steadman’s goal with the book is to shed a light on the difficulty women face in getting a fair trial. Screen Shot 2022 03 01 At 51829 Pm
“I think it’s an eye opener for many women who perhaps have not suffered the abuse and who can learn from it. And only a small percentage of the men involved have ever been truly punished. And that gauls me.”
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