Leelanau County to Receive Brand New Cellular Tower

We all hate that moment when you’re driving on a state road and your call drops or you lose internet.Leel Tower Pkg 6 030100 00 14 29still001

For the people of Leelanau County—this may not be an issue for too much longer.

They can expect stronger broadband coverage and cellular service in the very near future.

“I can tell you, I can drive around the county and I can tell you exactly where I am going to lose my cell coverage on the phone,” said Leelanau County Administrator Chet Janik.

Construction of a new cellular tower is in the works.

It will be located on the Government Center campus.

“This tower project has been on their agenda for a couple of years now, so it’s nice to be able to get that taken care of,” said Emergency Management Director Matt Ansorge.

Stronger connection means more peace of mind—especially when driving.

“We’re right on a state road and more often than not, you will drop a call on a state road and that’s not really great for public safety,” said Ansorge.

Following Monday night’s county commission meeting, $3.2 million of their $4.2 million ARPA funding will go towards this project.

“The total cost is about $17 million dollars,” said Janik. “The private company will commit $12 million and we have to commit $5 million—we’re hoping there will be another round of ARPA funding, which I think there will be, the state has the money.”

The county has received a lot of feedback on this—all of which they say has been very positive.

“People want to know, not if, but when, and when can they sign up and when can they start, and we say, well, it’s a process and we’re working through that process,” said Janik.