Petoskey High School Assistant Principal Returns to Work, Greeted by Protest

Petoskey High School’s assistant principal returned to work Monday after a lengthy investigation.

Robert Szukala has been on paid administrative leave since Dec.

It stemmed from an incident last April in which he conducted a search female students in a bathroom with another staff member present, where he believed one was hiding something not allowed on school property.

Several students came forward and said they were made uncomfortable by the search.

After three investigations, it was decided that the assistant principal had conducted the search according to school policy.

On Monday, students at the high school staged a protest against Szukala’s return and the school will not keep them from doing so.

“Those kids are advocating for themselves,” said Chris Parker, Superintendent of Petoskey Schools. “They want to make sure the district hears them, and they’re not happy with his return and that’s part of our process.”

Parker said the school will allow the students to continue using their First Amendment right.