New Ambulance Station Coming to Hayes Township in Charlevoix

The Lake Charlevoix EMS Authority has announced a new ambulance station coming to Hayes Township.

When the authority started operations in July, one of their main goals was to put EMS stations both south and north of Charlevoix.

The drawbridge in Charlevoix can often get in the way of speedy response times, and at least one station on either side will make sure patients get the care they need quickly.

With the new station coming, President of the EMS Authority Board Roy Griffitts states it will eliminate the need for assistance from Emmet County, and knock down costs for the authority.

“It takes a full hour to send a crew from the station in Charlevoix all the way around the lake to come up here and wait in Hayes township until the bridge is working again,” said Griffitts. “That’s several hundreds of dollars worth costs to the authority every time it happens.”

The new ambulance station will be located next to Hayes Township Hall.