Former U.N. Diplomat Says Russia Could be Facing a ‘Dead End’ in Ukraine Soon

"Maybe they weren't prepared properly, maybe they didn't realize how difficult this was going to be for them" - Jack Segal on Russia

Former U.N. Diplomat and Senior Political Advisor to NATO Jack Segal believes the Russian army and President Vladimir Putin are facing much more resistance from Ukraine than they expected.Mvi 1603mp417 34 31 15still001

“Well, I think he began to believe his own propaganda that they would side with him, that Putin would be welcome to Ukraine and free them from what he calls the Nazis who are running the country,” said Segal.

The effects of the strict economic sanctions placed on Russia are already being felt.

“The Russian ruble lost fifty percent of it’s value overnight and the Russian stock market the same,” said Segal. “That’s hitting people where it hurts—the upper middle class and the oligarchs.”

Segal says Russia is not only losing support, but also any respect from around the world.

“The universal reaction in the world is, this is a horrible invasion, or no justification at all,” said Segal.

It’s also likely a very confusing time for the Russian people, who have no idea what’s next.

“Those Russian soldiers who have talked to anyone have said, we didn’t know where we were going when we were deployed,” said Segal. “They questioned, why are we in Ukraine, these are the same people as us, we know these people, we visit here, we have family members who are married to Ukrainians.”

Segal states the dialogue between Russia and Ukraine likely won’t continue after Monday, unless one side is willing to make major concessions.

“I do think the United States and Russia now have to talk about the nuclear issue,” said Segal.