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Congressman Moolenaar Weighs In on War in Ukraine

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9&10 News spoke with Michigan Congressman John Moolenaar on Friday about the war in Ukraine.

He says the sanctions announced by the Biden administration are a good start but he says there’s more the U.S. can do.

Moolenaar is co-sponsoring legislation to further sanction Russia.

He hopes to see it gain bipartisan support and says it’s another move the U.S. can make to send a message to Vladimir Putin.

“We actually have legislation that I’m co-sponsoring that we’ll be working on next week, I hope it becomes bipartisan, it would really get at the semi-conductor, making sure they don’t have access to chips, we need them here for our manufacturing, but we don’t want to empower Russia military complex and reward him for this terrible behavior,” said Moolenaar.  “What we’re seeing here in Vladimir Putin disrespecting any sovereign nation in some way thinking Russia has claim to Ukraine which is absolutely false, so there’s the domino effect, if you don’t’ stop him there he’s going to continue on, attacking NATO allies and then we would be called in based on Article 5 of NATO that we would need to defend that with our troops,” added Moolenaar.

Moolenaar says the U.S. should also send more humanitarian aid to Ukraine as well as weapons.