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Brewvine: Soo Brewing Company

Celebrating eleven years in business calls for a unique creation. So mug club members voted on what kind of special suds will be on tap for this year’s big celebration.

“They asked me to produce a coffee blonde. Now we’ve done coffee beers, coffee porter, “Cup of the Day Porter”, all that. But we’ve never done a coffee blonde before and we said we would do that. Well, then then COVID hit and we never got around to it. So that is going to be our anniversary beer. So the coffee blonde fans will finally get their coffee blonde,” said Owner and Brewer Ray Bauer.

In addition to the special anniversary beer, the brewery has several other crafted favorites for customers to try out while they wait for the big anniversary party.

“One of our newer favorites is the Huskador New England IPA. This beer is largely made of oats. So oats is what gives it its haze. It’s super hoppy beer with Citra and Mosaic. All the hop heads out there will be licking their chops at that one. It’s got a wonderful aroma to it,” said Bauer.

Soo Brewing Company also has a special seasonal release that gives ray, and his customers another reason to look forward to the future and warmer weather.

“We also have beers that come up only once a year. One of those beers is “The Legend”. It’s a beer that we brew, lager it all winter long, and then we break it out when it turns 70 degrees officially in Sault Sainte Marie. So basically, everything stops and we break out “The Legend”. It’s my favorite beer in the whole wide world, a Dortmund export lager. I’ve been brewing it for probably 20 years. If you include my days as a home brewer and if you’re a fan of German beers, then you will absolutely love this beer. It’s a must have. There’s nothing like it in the whole world,” said Bauer.